Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Murder in Detroit: One

This morning's murder victim is anonymous. The brutality of the crime, while breathtaking, is ordinary here in the Motor City.

You know, we here at the Motor City Law Blog have grown used to murder, robbery and assault leading the local evening news; no different than any other large U.S. city.  But this morning's murder in Detroit, of a 55-year old cyclist, did give us pause.

We are roughly the same age as the victim; and could see ourselves on an early morning cycle trying to get somewhere or to keep in shape with a morning workout. Then, out of nowhere, on the dangerous streets of Detroit, two young men drive by and take your life at close range; just like that.

It is not news, and this murder gives us pause because it may be one of those many many Detroit murders that goes unsolved for years; maybe forever. The victim's family, friends, neighbors, will just need to deal with it. Justice delayed, at best.

No victim's name reported in this story. No arrests, clues or leads; barely an investigation even possible at all, especially when eye-witnesses -and there were a few- will not come forward.

So no need for lawyers and no judicial resources expended meting out elusive justice, because this one could be unsolved for a while; forever. The fireworks are over here in the "D" so it's every man for himself again.

Hope we're wrong about the outcome of this, our first Detroit murder post.

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