Friday, April 22, 2016

Murder in Detroit: Two

Miracle Murray was only six-months old when she was murdered by drive-by bullets on a beautiful spring day in Detroit last weekend. Today, there will be a prayer service and peace rally in her honor.

Miracle was just the latest in a long string of senseless murders; violent murders that now claim the lives of toddlers and infants.

Apparently, revenge was a motive in baby Miracle's death; her older brother is a suspect in the Easter Sunday shooting death of 3-year old A'Nayia Montgomery. No arrests have been made and the DPD believes this heinous murder is gang-related.

While violent shooting deaths are nothing new here in the Motor City, this case did get our attention. Over the years, we have known many assistant prosecutors in the murder unit of the Wayne County Prosecutor's office; an overworked and undermanned unit. This is the kind of case that affects your professional outlook for the rest of your career and for the rest of your life.

Yes, Detroit has emerged from bankruptcy and yes, the downtown area and the riverfront have nice facelifts.

But the neighborhoods remain deadly. The schools are kaput. The social fabric continues to unravel.

Until these problems are addressed, the children will continue to die.